• Deadline
  • Beginn der Anlageperiode
  • Startzeit
    09.12.2019 13:30
  • Anlageklasse
  • Investitionsart
  • Enddatum der Investition
  • Anlagehorizont links
    Überfällig 90+ Tage
  • Erwartete Rendite
    15.77% p.a
  • Erwartete Barrendite
  • Anzahl der Investoren
  • Ziel
    €1 100 000
 Interne Rendite (IRR): 16.06%  Endzinssatz: 15.77%  € 1 017 559 Ausgeschüttet an Investoren
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We are proud to present our second project in Romania as the next investment opportunity. Please see more about Romania and general information about real estate market in Romania here.

The goal for this opportunity is to finance the acquisition of two land plots, plus access way, in a total amount of EUR 1,100,000. The land plots are located at 294E Splaiul Independentei, 294F Splaiul Independentei, and 294 Splaiul Independentei, District 6, Bucharest. This land will be used for the development of a residential project of 220 apartments. The project is in the authorization stage, construction permit should be obtained by the end of Q1 2020. 

The investment term for this project is up to 12 months. The fixed interest rate for this opportunity is 15% annually. The Sponsor will make monthly interest payments.

The loan is secured by the 1st. rank mortgage on the land under development (there are also some constructions on the land, but a demolition permit has already been obtained). 


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