• Deadline
  • Beginn der Anlageperiode
  • Startzeit
    14.02.2018 13:00
  • Anlageklasse
  • Investitionsart
  • Enddatum der Investition
  • Anlagehorizont links
    Überfällig 90+ Tage
  • Erwartete Rendite
    13% p.a
  • Erwartete Barrendite
  • Anzahl der Investoren
  • Ziel
    €260 000
 Interne Rendite (IRR): 13.28%  Endzinssatz: 13%  € 295 800 Ausgeschüttet an Investoren
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The project at Tammelehe street (Tabasalu, Harku county, Harjumaa) includes 3 separate land plots that have received a building permit to develop a row house with 6 apartments, and to develop Tammelehe street (the street, communications, lighting). The Sponsor of the Project, Rolegur OÜ, plans to complete the street and the first row house simultaneously with the completion date by the end of  2018.

This investment opportunity offers the possibility to fund the development of a row house located at Tammelehe 2, Estonia in the total amount of EUR 690,000. The development is financed in tranches according to the invoices submitted by the main contractor. With each new funding round, the value of the underlying asset will increase until the row house is finished.

The first stage of the development requires funding in the amount of EUR 260,000. The amount consists of two components: EUR 160,000 against the collateral and EUR 100,000 against the prepayment invoices (the construction budget). The loan is secured by a first rank mortgage and the interest auction begins at 13.0% interest rate p.a.


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