• Deadline
  • Start of investment period
  • Start time
    10.10.2018 09:00
  • Asset class
    Working capital
  • Investment type
  • Investment end date
  • Remaining term
    47 days
  • Expected rate of return
  • Expected cash yield
  • No of investors
  • Goal
    €700 000


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Executive summary

The purpose of this project is to finance the increase of business volumes of the project Sponsor, Q-haus Baltic OÜ with a working capital loan of up to 12 months in the amount of 700 000 EUR.

The loan is secured by the second mortgage company's production complex and with the second commercial pledge for movable assets of the company (the collateral provided exceeds 1.35x principal and interest).

This is a so-called "partial bullet loan", in other words, during the loan period the interest is paid monthly, and the principal is paid at the end of the loan period as a one-time payment.

The loan interest rate is 13.5% per annum and the expected return of return (IRR) is 14.37% on an annual basis.


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