• Fecha límite
  • Comienzo del periodo de inversión
  • Fecha de comienzo
    29.07.2019 07:00
  • Clase de activos
    Capital de trabajo
  • Tipo de inversión
  • Fecha de fin de la inversión
  • Plazo pendiente
    Atrasado de 1 a 90 días
  • Retorno esperado
    16.03% anual
  • Rentabilidad de efectivo esperada
  • Número de inversores
  • Objetivo
    €350 000

Sumario ejecutivo

The purpose of this project is to finance the Sponsor, USL INVEST OÜ by a working capital loan in the amount of 350 000 EUR. This loan will refinance the existing loan in the amount of 225 000 EUR and further capital will be used to increase the business volume by EUR 125 000.

The issued loan is secured by a commercial pledge to company's movable property (the amount of the commercial pledge exceeds the loan and interest amount 1.30 times) and with personal guarantees of the owners of the company to the extent of the loan. It is a so-called "bullet-loan" where the interest with an additional principal will be paid throughout the period. However, a substantial part of the principal is paid at the end of the loan period as a one-time payment. 

The loan interest rate is 15.0% per annum and the expected return on investment (IRR) is 16.03% on an annual basis.


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