• Chiusura raccolta
  • Inizio del periodo di investimento
  • Ora di inizio
    01.04.2019 12:00
  • Categoria di immobile
  • Tipo di investmento
  • Data di fine dell'investimento
  • Orizzonte d'investimento restante
    Ritardo oltre i 90
  • Rendimento annuo
    15% annuo
  • Rendimento in contanti atteso
  • N. di investitori
  • Obiettivo
    €520 000

Progetto in sintesi

This investment opportunity is directed only to the current Lenders of Cellin Technologies OÜ.

Cellin Technologies OÜ raised EUR 450,000.00 from Crowdestate investors in Spring 2017, at the interest rate of 15% per annum, with a term of 2 years. Cellin Technologies OÜ has not been able to fulfill the terms and conditions of the loan agreements concluded between them and Crowdestate investors, and Crowdestate Collateral Agent OÜ has filed a bankruptcy claim to Harju County Court, Estonia.

Cellin Technologies is motivated to avoid bankruptcy and is presenting Crowdestate investors with a proposal to restructure its current debts.


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