• Chiusura raccolta
  • Inizio del periodo di investimento
  • Ora di inizio
    25.04.2019 09:00
  • Categoria di immobile
    Capitale circolante
  • Tipo di investmento
  • Data di fine dell'investimento
  • Orizzonte d'investimento restante
    Ritardo oltre i 90
  • Rendimento annuo
    15.45% annuo
  • Rendimento in contanti atteso
  • N. di investitori
  • Obiettivo
    €300 000

Progetto in sintesi

The purpose of this project is to finance the project Sponsor H.M. Seafood OÜ working capital and investments in the amount of 300 000 eur.

The loan is issued for a 12-month period, secured by the owner's personal guarantee and a 2nd rank commercial pledge of the company's movable property.

This investment opportunity offers monthly interest and principal payments.

The interest rate on the loan is 14.5% per annum and the expected return on is 15.45% on an annual basis.


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