• Chiusura raccolta
  • Inizio del periodo di investimento
  • Ora di inizio
    05.03.2019 10:00
  • Categoria di immobile
    Capitale circolante
  • Tipo di investmento
  • Data di fine dell'investimento
  • Orizzonte d'investimento restante
    46 mesi
  • Rendimento annuo
    16.02% annuo
  • Rendimento in contanti atteso
  • N. di investitori
  • Obiettivo
    €235 000

Progetto in sintesi

In the framework of this project, Crowdestate offers investors to participate in the second funding round for Viru Halud OÜ. The aim of this project is to receive EUR 235 000 capital from investors, of which 204 000 euros will be spent on raw materials and 32 000 euros on investments.

The loan term is 12 months with the annual interest rate of 15% and the expected rate of return 16.02% per annum. This investment opportunity pays monthly interest and the principal will be paid at the maturity. 

This project is secured by the board member's personal guarantee as well as commercial pledges on the company's property in the amount of EUR 370 000.


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