• Deadline
  • Start of investment period
  • Start time
    04.01.2022 10:30
  • Asset class
  • Investment type
  • Investment end date
  • Remaining term
    11 months
  • Expected rate of return
    10% p.a.
  • Expected cash yield
  • No of investors
  • Goal
    €90 000

Executive summary

This is a secured loan investment opportunity to fund the additional working capital business loan in amount of EUR 90,000 of Väänamõisa OÜ company. Previously Crowdestate investors have been financed working capital of the Väänamõisa OÜ company in amount of EUR 94,000. We used two land plots as loan collateral at Hirve str. 14 and 15, Vääna municipality, Harku parish, Harju country. The land at Hirve str 15 has been sold out and the most of loan principal and interest has been returned to investors of the first financing round. 

In this financing round the Crowdestate investors loans will be secured with a first rank co-mortgage on two residential land plots located in Meremõisa development: Pesapuu str. 22 and Pargimetsa str. 11, Meremõisa municipality, Lääne-Harju parish. Pesapuu str 22. one-family house is under construction, and construction costs were not taken into account in the calculation of LTV.

The current value of two residential land plot located at Pesapuu str. 22 and Pargimetsa str. 11, Meremõisa municipality, Lääne-Harju parish is EUR 182,000 with VAT (see valuation act, in estonian). According to that the LTV is 60%.

Investment period 12 months (up to 30.12.2022) with the possibility of extension for four months with new interest rate 12% per annum for extension period.


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