• Deadline
  • Start of investment period
  • Start time
    07.03.2018 13:00
  • Asset class
  • Investment type
  • Investment end date
  • Remaining term
    Overdue 90+ days
  • Expected rate of return
  • Expected cash yield
  • No of investors
  • Goal
    €500 000

Executive summary

With this Project, Mix Fix Ltd is planning the development of a building with 20 apartments on the property of Vesiroosi 1 in Pärnu.

The Sponsor of the Project, Mic Kuisma („Sponsor“) is seeking funding in the amount of 500 000 euros from Crowdestate investors to finance the construction of the Project.

The expected length of this investment opportunity is up to 24 months and it is an equity based project. Crowdestate investors shall receive a 15% preferred interest and will share up to 40% of the profits of the project. The calculated base scenario would enable investors to earn 21.45% per annum (preferred interest and profit share).


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