Why Crowdestate?

Real estate is one of the four key asset classes (next to stocks, bonds, and money market instruments), but unlike the three others, real estate investing has become the domain of institutional investors and high net worth individuals only. For the rest of us, real estate investing means taking out a huge mortgage and buying a home.

We have met thousands of clients, who are unhappy with the investments offered by their banks and who have clearly expressed their preferences to invest in real estate. Unfortunately, most of their real estate investment wishes have never become a reality.

There are three key reasons why most of us never get to investing in real estate:

  1. need for a significant downpayment;
  2. unavailable bank loans;
  3. lack of suitable investment opportunities.

As investment experts, we believe in the role real estate plays in investment portfolios. Please read here, why real estate should be one of the cornerstones of your investment portfolio.

Crowdestate is a leading European online real estate marketplace eliminating all three major obstacles. Our minimum investment is just EUR 100 and our investment services are free of charge to our investors.

Crowdestate is changing the way we are investing in real estate. 

Welcome aboard!

How to invest?

Crowdestate is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace offering high-quality, pre-vetted real estate investments. Our close relationships with different local real estate developers and brokerage companies give us access to a large number of off-market real estate investments. Only the best investments surviving in our rigorous due diligence process are published for investing.

While all relevant information required for making proficient investment decisions is attached to each investment, all investment decisions are made by our investors based on their personal investment preferences and risk tolerance. Extensive background information, business plans, and financial models combined with a low 100 euro minimum investment are making real estate investing quick and easy.

Online marketplace and underlying technology provide access to our real estate investments regardless of your location or time zone. 

Tens of thousands of Crowdestate investors have already become a  new investment power capable of funding attractive real estate investments within few minutes.

At the same time, Crowdestate is a perfect partner for real estate entrepreneurs having a bright investment idea but lacking etiher capital or liquidity. Crowdestate is their professional funding partner, consolidating hundreds or thousands of smaller investment orders into a single lump sum.

Why invest in real estate? You will find some of our thoughts here!

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