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Founded in 2014, Crowdestate is the leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Europe with 17.64% annual return rate, 39756 active users from 115 countries and 197 investment opportunities.

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Why Crowdestate

Crowdestate (founded in 2014) is a real estate crowdfunding marketplace offering high-quality, pre-vetted real estate, business, and mortgage loan investment opportunities.

Our relationships with experienced real estate developers give us access to a large number of off-market real estate investments. Only the best opportunities surviving in our rigorous due diligence process are published for investing. Extensive background information, business plans, and financial models combined with a low 100 euro minimum investment are making investing quick and easy.

Besides the low minimum investment amount, our investors benefit from

  • using the secondary market for selling and buying investments;
  • Autoinvest feature which will invest for them to the projects they desire;
  • setting up multiple investment accounts for private and/or business use;
  • investing in the platform without fees.

Crowdestate is changing the way we are investing in real estate. Join us and turn your savings into earnings.

Excellent returns

Crowdestate’s historical yield is 17% annually. Investors can diversify their investment portfolios by investing in different real estate and corporate projects all over Europe.

Reliable partner

Working with experienced real estate developers make it possible to offer the best opportunities which have survived our rigorous due diligence funding process.

Start right away

Start investing with 100€ and no fees. You can create as many investment accounts for personal or business use as you wish. Set up Autoinvest to invest for you.

Leading crowdfunding platform

Crowdestate is the leading real estate crowdfunding platform in Europe. Since 2014, 10039 investors from 115 countries have helped to fund 197 projects.

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