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If you have a great investment idea and a solid track record, Crowdestate can help you fund your new real estate project

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Completing the funding application form is a painless process. Fill in the form and hit submit, and you’re done!

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Get quick access to tens of thousands of international investors within minutes of your project being approved.

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There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to real estate investing, Crowdestate’s extensive experience with funding real estate projects allows us to evaluate your project and suggest improvements, if needed.


How does crowdfunding work?

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    Sign up and complete our identity verification process

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    Fill in the electronic funding application

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    We’ll get back to you with a decision by the next business day

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    Due diligence and preparation of the crowdfunding campaign

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    Crowdestate launches your project's crowdfunding campaign

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    Project successfully funded

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