How Long Is The Pre-booking Period?

Pre-booking lasts 24 hours and starts when the project is made public.

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How Many Investments Can I Make During A Pre-booking?

Manually - one.

However, when you have set up Autoinvest, and it invested for you, you are able to invest manually as well. 

In case the investments do not cover the total amount needed during the pre-booking period to finance the project, then after 24 hours (the pre-booking period), the project will open again for all investors and they get another opportunity to submit an investment application.

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How Many Investors Fit In A Project?

The maximum number of investors who will be able to pre-book is determined by the sum of the investment project divided by 100.

For example: the investment opportunity amount is €1000, where a maximum of ten investors can invest because the minimum investment amount is €100 (10 × 100 = €1000).

In case this happens, the pre-booking period will end immediately, all investors will get an investment of €100 and the surplus the amount will be refunded.

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I Have Several Autoinvests – Do They All Invest?

During the pre-booking period, only the Autoinvest that has the biggest investment amount will invest.

One investment account = 1 Autoinvest.

If There Are More Investments Than The Project Can Fit

All investors who have invested money (regardless of the amount) during the pre-booking period are guaranteed a 100-euro share in the project.

In case there are more investments than the project can fit, the investments will be distributed proportionally among the investors, for example:

  • The amount of the investment project is €1000.
  • During the pre-booking period, four investors invest in the amount of €100, €1000, €10 000 and €10 000.
  • The investments will be €100, €100, €400 and €400, and the surplus amounts of money will be returned to investors.

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Why Is The ‘Invest’ Button Still Active, Even Though The Monetary Goal Of The Project Is Met During The Pre-booking Period?

Pre-booking always lasts 24 hours, even if the monetary goal of the project should be met in the first hour.

All investors have the opportunity to apply for an investment in the amount of their own choosing within 24 hours. The total amount of the investment depends on the number of investors who wish to invest.

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